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For the last few years I have been updating my skills to become an Ayres Sensory Integration practitioner and a DIR-Floortime practitioner alongside my skills as an occupational therapist. I am delighted to announce that I am continuing to move along these pathways and have gained my practitioner status in both, now studying for advanced practitioner.

My therapy sessions have evolved over the years, with each new semester I gain more understanding into the world of our SPD, DCD and Autism children. Play has always been important to me, and now I have the confidence to stand up and shout about it. Yes, your child and I, we play in our sessions together, yes we are having fun, yes they are learning. They are learning how their body moves, they are learning how to control those movements, they are learning how they interact with objects and other people, they are learning to manage frustrations and disappointments and successes. They are learning how to run, jump, climb, build jungles and seas and towns, make up stories and plan their next session for even more fun.

And while they are doing all of that I am making sure that they are being challenged, just enough for them to want to continue to do the activity, and to feel supported, important and in charge. I am monitoring their emotions, are they calm or anxious or over excited? I am helping them to read how their body feels in different situations. I am providing a playful environment to enhance their strengths, support their weaknesses and most importantly to be a child playing.

And why do they need to play if they cannot sit still? or their handwriting is spidery and faint? or they have emotional outbursts? The answer is a simple yet complicated one; they need to play to give their brain experiences to learn what sitting still feels like, to learn how a pencil should feel in their hand moving along the paper to make marks, to learn how their body reacts to waiting and letting someone else go first.

This video is good to watch for those parents who are new to occupational therapy and sensory integration.



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